WhatsApp for Android will let users quote messages

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for its Android beta testers that lets users quote a specific message and reply to it. The update has been spotted in Android beta build (version 2.16.118).

The WhatsApp update is available for both person-to-person chat and groups. Is is easy to use. Users will first need to select a particular message to quote. It could be either text or media message. Next, they will have to long press the message; following which a pop-up with Reply, Forward and Delete options will appear at the top.

The next step is easy. Just select the Reply option and WhatsApp will show a preview with the quoted message, and a small box to enter the reply. All a user needs to do now is type the reply and press send.

"Once you've sent your reply, it will show up inside the conversation with the original quoted message attached on top of it, along with the sender's color-coded name," says Android Police. WhatsApp will colour code different participants in a group with different colours, which actually make the feature best suited for group chats.

The new WhatsApp feature basically allows users to add context to a message, wherever it is needed. Facebook owned WhatsApp is trying to make its app simpler for users by adding the ability to refer to old messages.

The update is only available for beta testers for now, with a possibility it will reach users pretty soon. However, it is not clear if it will be released for iOS anytime soon.

WhatsApp recently added a host of new features to make its platform both convenient and fun. It is reportedly looking to add GIF support to its iOS app. The company added support to share documents, like PDFs, Doc files, etc even from third-party apps like Google Drive, OneDrive.

WhatsApp is also now fully encrypted end-to-end by default, which means that man-in-the-middle attacks are no longer possible on WhatsApp chats, and no third-party can read or listen in to the conversations.

WhatsApp is also working on a video-calling feature, which was earlier spotted in an Android beta build, but later taken off. We’ll have to wait and see when WhatsApp finally launches the video-calling feature.
Courtesy by Yahoo News

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