Google's Motion Stills App for iOS Converts Live Photos Into Gif Images

Google has introduced a new app called Motion Stills for iOS users. The app allows users to turn their Live Photos into stabilised gif images. The company has surprisingly not released the app's counterpart on Android.

The app allows you to enhance Live Photos and make non-shaky, easy-to-share gif images. Gif images today are used generously while chatting on instant messenger apps and sharing on social media, and Motion Stills aims to create personalised gif images for users. Additionally, it also brings the ability to stitch gif images together and make an entire movie clip.

Live Photos taken from the handheld smartphone can be shaky and stuttery. Google claims that the Motion Stills app comes with advanced stabilisation and rendering technology that will smoothens the video, and the end result is a seamless GIF.

Of course, Google asserts that this app requires Live Photos, and hence it will only work on the latest iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE. Live Photos was introduced only last year, and has been a part of its smartphones since.

However, iPhone users can just download third party apps like LiveMaker, Fyuse, DSCO, and many more that are available in the App Store, that create animated photos. The Motion Stills app automatically collates all the Live Photos on the iPhone and shows them inside the app. There's an option to see the unstabilised original live photo, and the stabilised one that the app creates to really know the difference. It allows you to share it in the form of a gif image to any instant messaging app. We tried it on Facebook Messenger and it worked seamlessly. For all those instant messaging apps that still do not support gif images, Motion Stills gives an option to share the Live Photos as a video clip as well.

There is no word on availability for Android users, but the Research blog does claim that it intends to integrate the feature into existing products like Google Photos, based on the feedback it receives. The Motion Stills app can be downloaded from the App Store for free.
Courtesy by Gadgets 360.com

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